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Use Your Existing Device

Go passwordless using devices your organization already owns and save money and time

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Key Benefits

  • Quick Deployment,
  • Simple to Use,
  • Seamless Integration,
  • Costs Saving.

Savings and efficiency

Avoid unplanned costs of new or replacement security keys for new staff or replacement by using devices everyone already has as managed FIDO security keys.

No matter what devices- smartphones, badges or key fobs - your workforce usually uses, it can be turned into a managed FIDO security key through IDmelon.

This solution saves money and time for companies since avoids buying new devices for new employees or replacements for stolen or lost keys.

In addition, it avoids costs from IT support, which usually spends time and effort resetting lost passwords from employees.

ITurning existing devices into security keys eliminates these issues and allows organizations to manage each user, accessing all available data, such as user information, the group to which the user belongs and security keys linked to each profile.

IIt enhances security and gives organizations more autonomy to manage their workforce authentications as needed.


  • Smartphones
  • Badges
  • ID cards
  • Key fobs

Use what you already have

It is possible to use different devices as managed FIDO Security keys at the same time. Just test it by choosing your devices, creating a free account, and setting up your credentials.

Use your smartphone

Smartphones are always a hand of distance from us. It is the most important object we usually carry, so turning smartphones into FIDO security keys is a way not only to enhance security, guaranteeing no one else will access the account but also to avoid forgotten or lost security keys.

Use badges or ID cards

Especially in environments in which the login process needs to be quick, such as hospitals and stores, or environments in which smartphones are not allowed, such as manufacturing industries, signing in using ID cards are the best solution for the workforce. Protected by PIN, access is given through a simple tap & login, making it easy and efficient.

Use key fobs

Avoid giving your employees several devices to be used during their workdays. Turning key fobs into managed FIDO security keys, you concentrate all important keys in a single device, guaranteeing it will be easily found and used when needed.To verify your identity, all required to do is to approve a login notification on smartphone screen to sign in to accounts and applications within a few seconds.

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