Protect shared systems by creating security policies and monitoring a complete audit trail of activities across all systems to maintain worker productivity and safety. With our fully-automated onboarding, employees don't even get involved in security key registration; they only use the ID badges or NFC cards they take to work every day to use for simpler, safer logins, too.

Laptop with Windows Login Screen and Happy Factory Workers with their ID Badges
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Avoid the traditional security-versus-convenience trade-off.

IDmelon helps staff safely and simply share workstations among multiple coworkers, without compromising on the level of security at all. It helps factories save budget and enables employees to experience faster, more convenient, and safer logins, which will therefore result in customer satisfaction and strong brand reputation.

Existing Card as FIDO Security Key

Secure Shared Workstations

Shared workstations with high employee shift rotations, seasonal staff, and high turnover entail serious security risks if strong security isn’t in place. They are exposed to insider threats and face additional risks in places with high traffic. Common practices such as password sharing are insecure, and high-maintenance hardware keys have many drawbacks.
IDmelon ensures only the right authorized workforce access shared tools and equipment, provides a complete audit trail, and eliminates hardware key deployment barriers and issues.

Shared Computers
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Management & Cost Reduction

Authentication methods such as SMS, OTP, or push notification apps need user training and create IT help desk tickets and a waste of time and money if codes are delayed, users get locked or need to register a new device, hardware keys should be replaced, or USB ports need repairing. Any time a user struggles with these, they cannot be productive. The faster and easier authentication, the better ROI.
With IDmelon, cut costs of physical key purchase and delivery as well as employee onboarding and secure access management.

Security Key Onboarding Automation

Convenience & Rapid Access

Authentication on shared workstations should be fast and easy to avoid workflow disruption or distraction. Highly secure with great user experience to increase productivity. Some methods increase the time or the number of steps, requiring users to wait for codes or first plug their keys into USB ports. Consider how much time is appropriate for authentication and how many times a user may authenticate during a shift or day to see why IDmelon is the best solution where computers are shared.

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