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Minimize costs and optimize user-experience with IDmelonphishing-resistant authentication solutions.

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Benefits for Organizations

  • Increased security,
  • Cost savings,
  • Fast deployment and simple      management.

Benefits for Workforce

  • Convenience and productivity.

Passwords are an inadequate way of authentication forworkforce, as they are a common cause of databreaches. SMS-based 2FA is phishable, and buying anew dedicated device to use for only authenticationpurposes is both expensive and time-consuming andrequires user onboarding.

Hardware security keys can give both employees andemployers a headache. Employees need to learn how touse a new piece of hardware and carry it every wherewith a high chance of forgetting, losing, or damaging it.

It becomes worse if they log in to shared PCs repeatedly during a workday. And employersare constantly complaining about endless costs of key purchase and replacement that theyhave to cover in addition to costs of repairing USB port damages due to constantplugging/unplugging.

IDmelon delivers both security and convenience.

IDmelon Passwordless Orchestration Platform (IPOP) helps your staff tosafely and simply tap their existing smartphones, ID badges, access cards,and fobs to log in and put an end to account takeovers. It enables you tohave a similar smooth experience you have with a key card to enter ahotel room or building.

With a complete automated user-onboarding procedure, organizations can save budget and theiremployees can boost their productivity through faster, more convenient, and safer logins. Efficientemployee logins will therefore result in customer satisfaction and strong brand reputation, so as tostay ahead of the competition.

Benefits for Workforce

Convenience and Productivity

Around 82% of data breaches are traced back to a human element, due to negligence or throughmalicious intent. Struggling with traditional username-password process, employees may have tomemorize complicated passwords, regularly reset them, use one password for several accounts, oroften forget them, resulting in wasted time, frustration, and missed work opportunities. But instead,with IDmelon, employees can use devices they have and methods they know to log in quickly andsecurely without dealing with passwords at all. They don't need to worry about security key loss ordamage, either. Instead, they focus on what matters the most: their job.

Benefits for Organizations

Increased Security

Neither traditional username-password nor 2FA with mobile notification are safe. IDmelon providessolutions based on modern resilient FIDO authentication standards.

Cost Savings

IDmelon empowers your workforce to use their existing smartphones, ID badges, access cards, and fobs to login easily and securely, without even the need to hand-hold them through onboarding. There is no need tomake any changes to your organization's existing infrastructure and systems, either.

Fast Deployment and Simple Management

Deployment can happen overnight, as you don't need to buy new dedicated devices or pay for changes toyour systems. And with IDmelon Admin Panel, FIDO security key management is made possible, requiringlittle administration but granting full control over access to systems.

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