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Passkeys for Enterprises

Deploy passwordless authentication to protect your organization's data.

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Key Benefits

  • Increased security,
  • Simplified password management,
  • Improved user experience,
  • Reduced risk of human error,
  • Increased control.

Security is a major concern for organizations alike andpasswords are the primary means of protecting sensitiveinformation, but it does not means they are secureenough. This lack of security can be solved throughpasskeys.

Using enterprises’ passkeys, organizations are able to notonly facilitate the authentication journey for employees,but also manage users and access, enhancing thesecurity and protecting sensitive internal data.

Management and Protection

The major benefit of using passkeys for enterprises is the possibility of control over passkeys,including management of users, devices, and permissions.

Another advantage of passkeys for enterprises is the access policy creation, which allowsadmins to set security key policies according to the organization's needs.

Passkeys can be used in a variety of scenarios, including web applications, mobile applications,and IoT devices.

They can also be used for single sign-on (SSO) to simplify access to multiple applications and services.

All of these solutions can be quickly deployed and easily managed through IDmelon PasswordlessOrchestration Platform, which offers an easy-to-use admin dashboard with a variety of allowancesand tools to help enterprises to manage all of their users and access.

Benefits of Passkeys

Increased Security

Passwords can be hacked or stolen, but managed passkeys use advanced encryption techniques toprotect sensitive data. The cryptographic keys used in managed passkeys are much harder to crackthan traditional passwords, making them a more secure option.

Simplified Password Management

Users can use a single managed passkey to access multiple applications and services. This eliminatesthe need to remember multiple passwords, which can be a time-consuming and frustrating task.

Improved User Experience

Managed passkeys can provide a more seamless user experience than traditional passwords. Userscan log in quickly and easily without having to remember complicated passwords or go through thehassle of resetting forgotten passwords.To verify your identity, all required to do is to approve a login notification on smartphone screen to sign in to accounts and applications within a few seconds.

Increased Control

Managed passkeys allow administrators to control access to sensitive information. They can revoke or modify passkeys if necessary, which gives them more control over who has access to sensitive data.

Reduced Risk of Human Error

Human error is a common cause of security breaches. Passkeys can reduce the risk of human errorby eliminating the need for users to create and remember passwords. This also reduces the risk ofusers writing down passwords or storing them in insecure locations.

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