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Frequently Asked Questions

What does IDmelon do?
IDmelon helps organizations improve their workforce authentication with secure and easy-to-use passwordless authentication technology. We enable organizations to leverage their existing ID badges, NFC cards, key fobs, and smartphones as manageable FIDO security keys for safer, faster, and easier logins to websites and applications.
How secure is IDmelon?
IDmelon is FIDO certified. FIDO is an open industry standard, which is proven to be phishing-resistant. In addition, we have tried our best to empower our customers to have full control over access to their company’s data by creating security key policies that can restrict users’ access.
Do you sell cards and card readers?
No, but our solution supports almost all card readers available on the market, such as rfIDEAS, HID, ACS etc.
What is the difference between IDmelon and typical hardware security keys?
By leveraging existing devices such as smartphones, ID badges, NFC cards, or key fobs as a manageable FIDO security key, IDmelon delivers smooth passwordless authentication to users and enterprises without the need to purchase hardware security keys. Learn more
How is IDmelon integrated with Microsoft?
Our solution is fully integrated with Microsoft Azure AD, and you can easily use our services for authentication in Microsoft products and benefit from strong security, lower costs, and higher productivity.
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