Patient medical records contain information including insurance information, bank account information, family history etc. that could be incredibly damaging if it were to get into the wrong hands. So, it is essential that healthcare providers take steps to protect these large databases of patient electronic medical records and sensitive data and focus on what really matters: saving people's lives.

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PII Data Security & HIPAA Compliance

Unlike password-based authentication methods, FIDO authentication credentials are never shared or stored in centralized databases. All that is ever stored by a service provider are public keys paired to the user’s device where private keys are stored.
With IDmelon’s FIDO certified solutions, you can protect PII data and highly sensitive electronic medical records against unauthorized access and disclosure by ensuring compliance to various regulations including HIPAA.

What is FIDO

Convenient & Rapid Login

Tap-and-login provides the healthcare with an all-in-one package: it is fast, safe, and simple. By streamlining the authentication process, healthcare providers can stay focused on patients and provide high-quality care instead of worrying about how to deal with computers and devices.
It removes any unnecessary or unsecure step that diverts focus or endangers sensitive medical data.

Tap & LoginUse Your Existing Device
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Hardware Costs & Management

Cut costs of HR for new hardware purchase, delivery, onboarding, replacement, and management. Instead, provide doctors and nurses with the same technology for simple, secure on-site and off-site access.
IDmelon accelerates and simplifies logins for healthcare providers and the whole deployment and management for IT admins.

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USB Access Restriction for Security

Medical communities generate and store large data on connected medical devices to monitor, diagnose diseases, and treat patients, both remotely and on-site. It is not safe to move medical images, log files, and detailed personal information by storage devices such as USB sticks, with risks of malicious or negligent data breaches, imposing heavy fines and penalties, charging with criminal and civil charges, and causing the loss of trust form the public.
IDmelon ensures that confidential patient data is kept secure and private, and prevents a breach and the spread of malware and other viruses.

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