The need for managed device access in combination with shared workstations, shared credentials and a considerably heavy use of kiosks has made protecting front-liners problematic. Employees' varying levels of technical knowledge means that solutions need to be simple, flexible and easy to use, minimizing administrative work and IT support costs.
With IDmelon, you can protect shared workstations and focus on what matters most: delivering better products and services, improving customer experience, staying ahead of the competition, and protecting brand reputation.

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Seasonal Staff & Turnover Challenges

The influx of seasonal hires coupled with a revolving door of employees leaving has made improving retail's security posture challenging. Solutions must be easy to set up and use to minimize employee training/education, and take the hardware dependency out of the equation to reduce costs.
With IDmelon, retailers can avoid all the considerable expenses of physical key deployment and the complexity of user onboarding.

Hardware Costs & Management

It is very common to have different sets of users that shiftwork or need to authenticate several times a workday or from shared computers, to access critical systems and data, such as customer data, or payment information. The nature of such work increases the odds of hardware key loss/damage and the demand for key replacement and USB port repair.
IDmelon puts an end to endless, recurring costs of HR for physical key purchase, storage, delivery, replacement, and management as well as user onboarding and training.

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Convenient & Rapid Access

Replacing passwords with a new piece of hardware only brings new issues to the table. Instead of worrying about how to take care of a new device, employees should focus on delivering great customer service and creating a good impression of your business or brand.
Allow your employees to use their existing ID badges, key fobs, or smartphones with which they are already familiar to easily verify their identities with only a single tap. Fast, secure, and simple.

Tap & Login

Security & Identification + Authentication

The workplace environment and the nature of employees' basic daily tasks amplify risks associated with devices, access, authentication, negligence, or insider threats that lead to credential loss/theft and password-related attacks. If a shared workstation is unavailable because either it is attacked or the employee is logged out, this can cause downtime, impacting your business, ROI, and brand reputation.
Ensure that the right authorized employees have quick access to shared computer workstations.

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