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iPads are a huge step forward in making computing power truly mobile, usable and engaging. Their portability and versatility allow us to consume information in real time, improve communication and collaboration, save time, assist with training and are easily used by almost anyone. Shared iPads, commonly used in education and business, allow more than one user to sign in to an iPad.

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Security concerns

Despite all their benefits, these shared devices can entail security risks if users share their passwords or PINs, intentionally or not, to access client or work data on a shared device. Mobile applications, designed and optimized for single-user experiences, often maintain single sign-on functionality and keep user sessions, potentially compromising security by keeping the user signed in or preserving credentials for quick sign-in even after account removal and reinstallation.

What Microsoft does

The Microsoft Identity Platform enables organizations to implement secure authentication processes for shared devices through the Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL). By leveraging MSAL's capabilities, organizations can ensure that users securely authenticate on shared devices without compromising their credentials. MSAL allows users to access multiple applications and services without repeatedly entering their credentials. Plus, it supports MFA. Organizations can effectively integrate MSAL into their authentication workflows, enabling secure access to resources on shared devices while maintaining user privacy and security.

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Benefits that IDmelon bring to the table

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Security Enhancement

Users don’t enter neither username nor password. Instead, they sign in with passkeys using a single tap of an RFID/NFC badge/card or a key fob on a reader.

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Centralized Administration

IT admins can manage badges or cards, monitor activities, or even share a passkey without sharing a user’s password with another user.

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Bulk User Enrollment

Onboarding new users becomes a seamless process as administrators can provision passkeys on behalf of individuals joining a school or company, eliminating the need for user involvement in the setup process.

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PINless Option

Administrators have the flexibility to grant certain users the privilege of signing in without entering even a PIN, enabling swift and effortless access with just a single tap.

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In educational settings, shared devices are used as learning aids or test-taking devices in classrooms. In schools where budget constraints or policy considerations prohibit a one-iPad-per-student approach, shared iPads provide an affordable alternative to benefit from the latest educational technologies. Regardless of which iPad students log in to, they can access their apps, books, documents, and track their progress seamlessly.


Shared devices are organization-owned multi-user devices. These devices enable front-line workers in industries such as healthcare, hospitality, retail, or manufacturing to access critical applications and tools essential to their role in the organization. For businesses, shared iPads facilitate efficient collaboration and productivity across departments and significantly save time by eliminating the need for employees to locate and sit in front of a PC for fulfilling their task.

Shared iPads in Workplace

How it works

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What applications do users need?
IDmelon Authenticator app which is available on Store.
Do we need to have one reader per user?
No, every reader can be shared by multiple users to tap their cards to authenticate. 
Is IDmelon compatible with mobile device management (MDM) platforms, such as Jamf?
What iOS version is supported?
iOS 17.0 and later.

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