Shared Computers

A large group of employees around the world are mobile, deskless, shift workers, or have to log out of systems/apps at the end of each session, so that another user can log in to the same computer or software. It is neither safe nor easy to repeatedly go through the username-password process and struggle with passwords on a regular basis.

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Shortcomings of hardware security keys

Unhappy User

Cumbersome User Experience

Users have to learn how to use a new piece of hardware and keep carrying it everywhere. And what gives a headache is users have to constantly plug and unplug it into USB ports.

Hardware Security Key without Settings

Project & Key Management Challenges

Organizations cannot audit keys, suspend a registered credential, or create security policies for keys. And credential registration on a new RP is impossible without user training.

Recurring Costs

Hidden Costs, High Overheads

Companies have to spend a huge deal of money on HR for physical key purchase, storage, delivery, and replacement. They are also stuck in an endless loop of repairing USB ports!

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Why IDmelon is the best answer to the global password problem on shared computers

Employee Productivity

Around 82% of data breaches are traced back to a human element, due to negligence or through malicious intent. With traditional username-password process, employees may have to memorize complex passwords, frequently reset them, use one password for several accounts, or often forget them, resulting in wasted time, frustration, and missed work opportunities. But instead, employees can use methods they know to log in quickly and securely without dealing with passwords at all.

Money Savings

Allowing employees to bring their existing devices eliminates the need for costly dedicated hardware security key purchase, inventory management, shipping, and replacement. Overnight implementation with fully-automated user onboarding also cuts costs and saves money. ​And ease of user and security key management makes hand-holding IT admins unnecessary and leads to lower system maintenance costs​. Everything all the way from deployment to management can happen with a few clicks only.

Increased Security

About 61% of data breaches involve credential theft. Both username-password authentication and 2FA with mobile notification are an inadequate and phishable method for workforce authentication. FIDO authentication provides a modern, secure, and convenient way for organizations to authenticate their employees, reduce the risk of security breaches and therefore financial loss, and optimize the user experience.

Quick and Easy Implementation

IDmelon Passwordless Orchestration Platform supports employees' existing smartphones, ID badges, access cards, and fobs. It works with organizations' existing systems, too, without requiring any changes. Simple and overnight deployment is made possible with very little administration involvement but full control of access to systems.

Factory Worker behind Machines and Systems

Avoid the traditional security-versus-convenience trade-off.

IDmelon helps your staff to safely and simply share workstations among multiple coworkers, without compromising on the level of security at all. It is a complete automated procedure which lets you save budget and enables your employees to experience faster, more convenient, and safer logins. Efficient employee logins will therefore result in customer satisfaction and strong brand reputation.

Safe and simple access to apps— with any reader, with any device.

For a smooth tap-and-login experience in shared-PC environments, employees can use whatever device they already have as a security key, be it their smartphones, ID badges, key fobs, or access cards.

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Shared Computers Solution Brief

Frequently Asked Questions

People ask these questions about IDmelon Authenticator app frequently. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please contact our support team.
Is there any limitation on the number of users when using the shared computer solution?
No. Each PC can be safely shared among as many users as possible.
How will it be cheaper for organizations?
Each PC needs only one reader. Also, since it works with ID badges or contactless cards as a security key, you don't need to buy new hardware.
Is it really safe?
Yes, because it has been implemented based on FIDO standard, which is phishing-resistant and is adopted worldwide by technology giants, including Microsoft, Apple, and Google, for passwordless authentication.
Does it work without the Internet?
Yes, with IDmelon Reader, you don't need the Internet on smartphone. You can also use your card or badge for logins in offline mode.
Is the onboarding process completely automated?
Yes, fully-automated employee onboarding is possible with IDmelon Admin Panel. They don't need to do anything; it takes them only a single tap to go passwordless.

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