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Money is a strong motive for data breaches, and financial services are where the risks are the highest. Financial services are all about trust. They must continually win over their clients, safeguard their workplaces, and innovate faster to stay competitive. So, a small data vulnerability can destroy their brand reputation and harm their customer retention – not to mention creating highly damaging legal implications and fees.
IDmelon helps you not fall prey to out-of-date and unsafe authentication methods, protects your sensitive and confidential financial data from unauthorized access, and reduces the risk of financial loss, identity theft, and other malicious attacks.

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Cybersecurity with Phishing-resistant Authentication

Passwords, security questions, and SMS are unsecure and not resistant to account takeovers. Your clients place a high value on trust; they need to know that their investments are fully protected. Value their security.
IDmelon, as an official member of FIDO Alliance, delivers affordable and flexible passwordless solutions that prevent from falling victim to legacy and broken MFA, also simplifies and accelerates phishing-resistant workforce authentication at scale.

What is FIDO

PII Data Security

Unlike password-based authentication methods, FIDO authentication credentials are never shared or stored in centralized databases. All that is ever stored by a service provider are public keys paired to the user’s device where private keys are stored.
With IDmelon’s FIDO certified solutions, you can protect PII data and your clients' highly sensitive financial information from unauthorized access and disclosure, and ensure compliance to various regulations.

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Secure & Easy-to-use Access

Invest your time and money in providing your customers with top-notch financial services and let the modern, strong authentication service providers help you and your clients stay protected against cybercrime.
IDmelon simplifies, accelerates, and protects your employees’ access, helping them increase productivity and stay focused on delivering better services to clients. We replace unsecure username-password authentication method with a smooth single tap to log in.

Use Your Existing Device

Ahead of the Security Curve

Cybercrime continues to rise in scale and complexity, affecting financial services and businesses, costing them billions of dollars, and causing irreparable damage.
You must stay up-to-date with finance security standards and ensure your new and existing customers that their data is in good hands and protected by modern FIDO authentication standards.

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