IDmelon FIDO Security Key

Get a PIN-protected USB security key which is compatible with all the major web browsers in which WebAuthn is supported. IDmelon FIDO security key works seamlessly on online services like Azure AD, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, GitHub and more to protect you against account takeover.

What is FIDO


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A Happy User with Laptop and IDmelon FIDO Security Key

Main online accounts

Protect your accounts, such as Facebook, Dropbox, GitHub, Azure HD and more.


Two form-factors available.

Audible/Visible User Interface

A better user experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What has been asked from us so far about IDmelon Reader which may be your questions, too.
Can I use the same IDmelon Reader as a FIDO security key?
Yes, IDmelon Reader in its first functional mode works as a FIDO security key.
How can I use my key with Bluetooth?
You must turn the IDmelon security key into a fob to be able to use it with Bluetooth.
Where can I buy it?
From our website.
Does it work without the Internet?
Yes, it doesn't need the Internet connection.