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Single Sign-On

Move one step ahead of common SSO. Using IDmelon Simple Sign-On is not limited to IAMs and SSOs. Any web service which supports federated identity protocols like SAML, OpenID, or OATH2.0 can be set up and users can enjoy Simple Single Sign-On (SSO) to access these platforms, including Slack, Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, Workday, Cerner and many more.

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No Username. No Password.

SSO is a session-based authentication service that lets a user access multiple applications with one set of login credentials, for example a username and password. SSO is used by SMEs to simplify credential management. But IDmelon takes it to whole another level. Once SSO is enabled by organizations’ admins, employees do not deal with neither a password nor a username! Instead, all they do is click on the "Sign in with a Security Key" button and present their security keys to access all websites and applications at once.

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Simplified Access

All applications are available in one platform, and users can use whatever device they have as a security key, and log in once to access all the accounts without entering a username or a password. Great user experience.

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Preconfigured Integrations

Organizations’ admins can enjoy preconfigured integrations with service providers using IDmelon Admin Panel and its documented how-to guides available inside the panel. So, only a few easy steps to add SSO configuration automatically.

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Increased Security with FIDO 

Not all SPs support FIDO2 (WebAuthn/CTAP) for authentication. With SSO for SSO, SPs that support federated identity protocols like SAML, OpenID or Oath2.0 can go usernameless/passwordless.

SSO Documentation

Click the button below to do a deeper dive into SSO and all the ins and outs of integrations with Service Providers.

All Integrations
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Frequently asked questions

What has been asked from us so far about our SSO which may be your question, too.
Is there a free version or trial mode to test IDmelon SSO?
Yes, you can test with unlimited security keys of any type free of charge when you join IDmelon Admin Panel.
Where can I find the list of supported applications?
The list is available and can be seen in the integration section inside Admin Panel. You can also see the SSO section of our documentation for more information.
Is there a list of identity and access management systems that can be integrated into IDmelon SSO?
The list is available in the integration section of administration panel and also the SSO section in our documentation page.
How can I integrate my identity and access management system with IDmelon SSO?
There is a complete description for each available identity and access management system in our documentation page.

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