A Single Tap to Log in

Tap-and-login is the fastest and easiest way of authentication. A smooth experience similar to the experience you have with a key card to enter a hotel room. It's the best solution for mobile workforce who has to log in several times a workday due to nature of their jobs and employees who do not have a dedicated computer at work.

rfIDEAS Reader and ID Badge

Shortcomings of hardware security keys

Unhappy User

Burdensome User Experience

Carrying around a new object all the time is unnatural and keeps users preoccupied. And plugging security keys in and out frequently gives users pain and damages USB ports.

Hardware Security Key without Settings

No Control over Keys

Organization don’t know on what applications and platforms their employees use keys and cannot create customized security policies to assign to security keys.

Recurring Costs

High-maintenance Solution

Companies have to spend a huge deal of money on HR for physical key purchase, storage, and delivery. They are also stuck in an endless loop of repairing USB ports and replacing lost/damaged keys!

Unlimited Security Keys for 2 Weeks

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Why IDmelon is the best answer to the global password problem on shared computers

Employee Productivity through Optimized UX

Around 82% of data breaches are traced back to a human element, due to negligence or through malicious intent. With traditional username-password process, employees may have to memorize complex passwords, frequently reset them, use one password for several accounts, or often forget them, resulting in wasted time, frustration, and missed work opportunities. But instead, employees can use methods they know to log in quickly and securely without dealing with passwords at all.

Affordable & Scalable without Cutting Corners

Allowing employees to bring their existing devices eliminates the need for costly dedicated hardware security key purchase, inventory management, shipping, and replacement. Overnight implementation with fully-automated user onboarding also cuts costs and saves money. ​And ease of user and security key management makes hand-holding IT admins unnecessary and leads to lower system maintenance costs​. Everything all the way from deployment to management can happen with a few clicks only.

Phishing-resistant & Modern Authentication

About 61% of data breaches involve credential theft. Both username-password authentication and 2FA with mobile notification are an inadequate and phishable method for workforce authentication. FIDO authentication provides a modern, secure, and convenient way for organizations to authenticate their employees, reduce the risk of security breaches and therefore financial loss, and optimize the user experience.

Management made Possible

IDmelon Passwordless Orchestration Platform supports employees' existing smartphones, ID badges, access cards, and fobs. It works with organizations' existing systems, too, without requiring any changes. Simple and overnight deployment is made possible with very little administration involvement but full control of access to systems.

Students with Laptops at Library

Embrace Security, Flexibility, and Accessibility to Grow your Business.

IDmelon enables organizations to choose whatever device they already have and use as a security key to log in with a single tap of that device on a reader instead of entering passwords. The device can be an employee’s ID badge, key fob, or ubiquitous smartphone.
Education, hospitality, retail, manufacturing, telecom, healthcare, and law enforcement are only a few of industries that can greatly benefit from tap-n-login.

Safe and simple access to apps— with any reader, with any device.

For a smooth tap-and-login experience, employees can use whatever device they already have as a security key, be it their smartphones, ID badges, key fobs, or access cards.

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Frequently Asked Questions

People ask these questions about IDmelon Authenticator app frequently. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please contact our support team.
Can I test it for free?
Yes. You can create an account in IDmelon Admin Panel now and start with unlimited security keys for free.
Is there any manual to guide me through setting up an account (either individual or business account)?
Yes, a complete guide is available at docs.idmelon.com.
What is the difference between IDmelon reader and a card reader?
The IDmelon reader, is a proprietary piece of hardware which helps you to experience a tap and login with your smartphone as a security key. But, when you want to use your badge or ID card for tap and login, you need to provide a card reader (such as rf IDEAS).
Does it work only for Windows?
No, you can have a tap and login experience for any OS or app that supports FIDO and WebAuthn.
How does billing work?
The IDmelon supports pay-as-you-go method for enterprises. For individuals, only yearly subscription is available, and if you want to use passkeys, you need the Premium plan.