A Single Tap to Log in

The simplest authentication solution: just a single tap to log in. It is based on modern FIDO standards which guarantee you its security.


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Can I test it for free?
Yes, create an account in IDmelon admin panel or download and install IDmelon app.
Is there any manual to guide me through setting up an account (either individual or business account)?
Yes, a complete guide is available at docs.idmelon.com.
What is the difference between IDmelon reader and a card reader?
The IDmelon reader, is a proprietary piece of hardware which helps you to experience a tap and login with your smartphone as a security key. But, when you want to use your badge or ID cart for tap and login, you need to provide a card reader (such as rf IDEAS).
Does it work only for Windows?
No, you can have a tap and login experience for any OS or app that supports FIDO and WebAuthn.
How does billing work?
The IDmelon supports pay as you go method for enterprises. For individuals, only yearly subscription is available which if you want to use passkeys, you need the premium plan.