Badge/NFC Card as a Managed FIDO Security Key

ID badges that are a must-have in companies make personal identification much easier and faster. They are carried around with employees for identification and enable specific employees to gain physical access to restricted areas using readers. With IDmelon, badges can be used for logical access, too, making logins simple and quick and bringing considerable benefits to companies.
Laptop with Login Screen and a Doctor's ID Badge

Smooth Tap & Login

Replace usernames and complex passwords with employee’s single badge tap on a reader to log in to accounts on computers. Much faster and more convenient.

Access Management

Grant/restrict/block access immediately, have full control over credential lifecycles, create security policies that meet your company’s cybersecurity needs etc., all with a few clicks only.

Strong Security

Passwords are an inadequate way of workforce authentication, and password attacks are a very common form of corporate and personal data breach. With IDmelon phisihing-resistant passwordless authentication, prevent costly data breach, insecure passwords, and phishable MFA solutions.

Time & Money Saving

With the use of existing ID badges as a managed FIDO security key, organizations can stop wasting time and money on password resets, avoid costly data breach, and prevent getting trapped in endless recurring costs of HR for new hardware purchase, delivery, and replacement.

Phishing-resistant solution for industries with sensitive data

Together with our partners including rfIDEAS and its WAVE ID® technology , IDmelon offers innovative solutions that are exactly tailored to meet cybersecurity needs of specific industries.
Healthcare, manufacturing, education, hospitality, and government are only a few industries to name whose employees’ access to data and accounts can be made simple and secure with the use of ID badges as a FIDO security key.

Unlimited Security Keys for 2 Weeks

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Supported Readers

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions that have been asked from us frequently about using badges as a security key. You have more questions, contact our support team.
Is there a free trial available to test badges as security keys?
Yes, you can create a workspace and add badges or contactless cards for testing.
Is this solution compatible with any badge or contactless card?
As long as you have supported readers, you can use any type of badges or cards.
Can access by badges be managed by organizations?
Yes, the organization will have complete control over the provided badges.
Do badges work without the Internet?
Yes, you can also use it in offline mode.
Can badges be used along with other security key devices?
Yes, it is possible to use multiple types of security key devices at the same time.