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IDmelon Reader is the one and only smartphone BLE reader in the world that supports FIDO standard. Tapping with key fobs, cards, or smartphones for contactless payments or physical access is a pretty well-known experience for all users around the world. IDmelon Reader enables you to enjoy a similar seamless contactless experience of tap-and-login with your smartphone to access your accounts, such as Microsoft, GitHub, or Facebook.


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Laptop with Windows Login Screen, Mobile with Login Notification on Screen, and IDmelon Reader

Save Budget in Shared-PC Environments with IDmelon.

With physical security keys, organizations have to cover the huge and endless hidden costs of human resources for key purchase, storage, and delivery, which grow exponentially as the number of staff increases. And what makes it even worse is recurring fees of buying new keys each year for replacement of lost or damaged keys and key delivery for employee turnover or sessional staff.

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Ease of Use

It is very easy to use. It enables your computer to communicate with your smartphone or key fob without the need to your intervention. You can simply plug it into a USB port and start using it without having to install a driver or do manual configuration, and even without knowledge of computer hardware.

Tap & Login

Just like using ID cards or fobs to tap on a reader for entering buildings, or credit cards to tap on POS machines for contactless payments, you can enjoy a similar seamless experience of tap-and-login with your smartphone or fob to access your online accounts, such as Microsoft, GitHub, or Twitter.

Increased Security

Neither traditional username/password nor 2FA with mobile notification are a safe way of verifying online identities. IDmelon provides solutions based on modern resilient FIDO authentication standards to protect organizations’ sensitive data and stop account takeovers.

What industries is it best suited for?

Each IDmelon Reader is mounted on a single PC and designed to be used per PC, not per user. So users do not carry it around, but instead conveniently use their own ubiquitous smartphones to tap on a reader to log in.
IDmelon Reader is tailored to meet security needs of industries with shift workers, seasonal staff, mobile workforce who shares workstations with their co-workers as well as employees who are not anchored to a dedicated desk/PC.
It helps improve productivity by lifting the password burden and also save budget. It changes the game for retail, telecom, hospitality, education, and many more industries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What has been asked from us so far about IDmelon Reader which may be your questions, too.
Do I need Bluetooth on PC?
No. You do not need Bluetooth on PC when you are using IDmelon Reader unless your organization's admin enables Bluetooth Proximity which requires you to use Bluetooth on both PC and smartphone to check and assure that your smartphone and PC are near each other.
Do I need to have the Internet or turn on Bluetooth on my smartphone to use Reader?
IDmelon Reader and smartphone communicate via Bluetooth, so yes. Bluetooth on your smartphone must be on. But IDmelon Reader does not need the Internet to work. It works offline, too.
Where can I buy IDmelon Reader?
You can buy it directly from our website or from our partners and resellers.
What form factors is IDmelon Reader available in?
USB-A and USB-C.
Do I need to install a driver to use IDmelon Reader?
No. IDmelon Reader is plug-and-play hardware.