Your Smartphone, Your FIDO Passkeys

The accessibility of smartphones makes them a globally popular all-in-one device that people use for almost anything and barely keep them out of sight. And with installing IDmelon Authenticator app on your smartphone, only within a few minutes, you can easily use it to log in to your accounts, such as Twitter or GitHub.

IDmelon Authenticator
Smartphones with Screens of IDmelon Authenticator App

How it works

To start using your smartphone as a security key, you need to either pair your smartphone with your PC or have an IDmelon Reader. Each method of use has unique benefits and can be chosen depending on user types and workplace needs and policies.

Easy to Use

Only a single tap on a notification on smartphone screen is enough to verify your identity and approve your sign-in request within a few seconds.

Low Maintenance

Hardware USB security keys are easily lost, forgotten, or damaged by users, but smartphones are naturally everywhere with you are rarely out of sight.

Less Cost

Using a device that you already own means cutting recurring costs of HR for new hardware management, onboarding, and replacement when lost or damaged.

Mobile with FIDO Security Keys on its Screen

Multiple Security Keys

Have all security keys on one device to protect your personal and organizational accounts against takeovers. Affordable. Time saving. Doesn’t take much physical space.

A Chain with Multiple Security Keys

Passkey Support

Access your FIDO login credentials on different devices of yours including new ones, without having to register each device on every account again.

Laptop and Mobile with Bluetooth Icon on their Screens

Bluetooth Proximity Check

Detect whether PC and user’s smartphone are near each other or not, so as to protect data from unauthorized access.

Mobile with Offline Mode Icon on its Screen

Offline Login Possibility

Access your data anytime from wherever you are, even when you are on airplane or don’t have internet connection.

Phishing-resistant flexible solutions for a wide range of industries

IDmelon Authenticator is easy to set up on smartphones and simple to use, making it the perfect solution for a wide range of use cases and industries, such as retail, education, healthcare, financial services, etc.
Your organization has unique unmet security needs, and we help you meet them effectively and affordably. Whatever your security concerns and needs are, IDmelon helps to protect your business and empower your digital success. Reach us at for your unique questions and concerns.

Download IDmelon Authenticator

To use IDmelon Authenticator for Android and iOS, including simple strong tap-and-login experience with IDmelon Reader, visit Google Play and App Store.
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Android with Passkey Creation Screen

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Frequently Asked Questions

People ask these questions about IDmelon Authenticator app frequently. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please contact our support team.
Is this solution compatible with both Android and iOS?
Yes, both operating systems are supported.
Is there a free version or trial mode to test it?
Yes, install the app and test it for free.
Does it require the Internet to work?
Yes, but you can also use it offline time to time.
Can we limit the access to only company phones?
Yes, device limitation is possible with IDmelon Admin Panel.
Can smartphones be used in addition to other security key devices?
Yes, it is possible to use multiple types of security key devices at the same time.