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Shared Computers

Use your employees' existing devices to secure and simplify theirlogins as well as your existing systems to save time and money.

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Benefits for Organizations

  • Increased security,
  • Cost savings,
  • Fast deployment and simple      management.

Benefits for Workforce

  • Convenience and productivity.

A majority of the world's employees including desklessworkers, who are not anchored to a desk/computer, andshift workers, who use shared PCs, all have to log out ofsystems/apps at the end of each session, so that anotheruser can log in to the same computer or software. It isneither safe nor easy to struggle with passwords on aregular basis. It becomes even more cumbersome if amobile user has to repeatedly go through this usernamepasswordprocess during one workday.

IDmelon empowers you to avoid the traditional security-versus-conveniencetrade-off.

IDmelon Passwordless Orchestration Platform (IPOP) helps your staff to safely and simplyshare workstations among multiple coworkers, without compromising on the level of securityat all. It is a complete automated procedure which lets you save budget and enables youremployees to experience faster, more convenient, and safer logins. Efficient employee loginswill therefore result in customer satisfaction and strong brand reputation.

Benefits for workforce

Convenience and Productivity

Around 82% of data breaches are traced back to ahuman element, due to negligence or throughmalicious intent. Struggling with traditional usernamepasswordprocess, employees may have to memorizecomplicated passwords, regularly reset them, use onepassword for several accounts, or often forget them,resulting in wasted time, frustration, and missed workopportunities. But instead, with IDmelon, employeescan use devices they have and methods they know tolog in quickly and securely without dealing with passwords at all. They don't need to worry aboutsecurity key loss or damage, either. Instead, they focuson what matters the most: their job.

Benefits for Organizations

Increased security

Neither traditional username-password nor 2FA with mobile notification are safe. IDmelon providessolutions based on modern resilient FIDO authentication standards.

Cost Savings

IDmelon empowers your workforce to use their existing smartphones, ID badges, access cards, and fobsto log in easily and securely, without even the need to hand-hold them through onboarding. There is noneed to make any changes to your organization's existing infrastructure and systems, either.

Fast Deployment and Simple Management

Deployment can happen overnight, as you don't need to buy new dedicated devices or pay forchanges to your systems. And with IDmelon Admin Panel, FIDO security key management is madepossible, requiring little administration but granting full control over access to systems.

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