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Key Fob as a FIDO Security Key

Provide your workforce a fast and costless sign-in experience using key fobs you already own.

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Key Benefits

  • Costless,
  • Manageable,
  • Extra security layer through PIN,
  • Fast and easy tap-and-login experience

No need to new devices

Enhance security without spending money getting new devices for your organization.

IDmelon allows users to sign in using devices they already own, such as key fobs.

Through a single tap and PIN insert, you guarantee access to all platforms, while keeping your data safe.

Using key fobs as managed FIDO security keys are a costless solution since money is saved not only by avoiding buying new USB FIDO security keys - security keys for new employees and stolen/lost key replacement - but also by saving time from IT support, resetting lost passwords for users.

Forget buying new devices

The key fobs can be managed through the IDmelon Passwordless Orchestration Platform, so users and their access are always under the organization's control.

In addition, the easy deployment makes it the best solution for organizations which need to enhance their security.

Security enhanced

Signing in using individual devices enhances the security of the login process since only the owner is allowed to access the platforms, contradicting what happens when users sign in using passwords. Passwords can easily be hacked, especially when required on different platforms, which makes users set up a single password for all of them, making the access vulnerable to phishing.

Using a device they already own solves this issue. Tap your key fob, insert your individual PIN and access all your platforms safely and fast.

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