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IDmelon Authenticator

The shortest path to phishing-resistant passwordless.

Download Brief

Key Benefits

  • Multiple security key support,
  • Bluetooth proximity check,
  • Encrypted credential storage (Apple keychain and Android keystore),
  • Credential management,
  • Passkeys.

What it is

IDmelon Authenticator is a mobile app that with only a few clicks you can simply install on your smartphone and experience convenient, strong passwordless logins into your accounts, web, and applications on PC. IDmelon Authenticator turns your smartphone into a FIDO security key, putting an end to traditional username/password authentication process in order to end account takeovers.
You can use it in two ways, explained as follows.

How it works

To enjoy the unique tap-and-login experience on PC, you can either:

have an IDmelon Reader and plug it into a USB port on PC.

install IDmelon Pairing Tool on your PC and pair it with your smartphone.

IDmelon Authenticator Benefits

Time and Money Saving

With IDmelon Authenticator, your security key is right in your pocket and ready to use. To verify your identity, you can use your desired authentication methods available on smartphones, such as biometrics, which offers you a similar, but affordable, experience that you can have with biometric security keys.

High Security

IDmelon Authenticator is FIDO certified, and your data is end-to-end encrypted. FIDO, which is secure and reliable, employs public key cryptography and other advanced security measures to protect against various forms of attacks, including phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks.

Convenience & Ease of Use

Your ubiquitous smartphone, which you take everywhere with you and use for almost everything from online shopping and financial transactions to mobile access control, can prevent unauthorized access to your data on PC. It can also narrow the odds of replacement because of loss or damage.

Tap & Login

Tapping with key fobs, cards, or smartphones for contactless payments or physical access is a pretty well-known experience for all users around the world. With IDmelon Reader, enjoy a similar seamless contactless experience of Tap & Login with your smartphone to access your accounts, such as Microsoft.

Recoverable Credentials

Individuals with Premium Plan and business users for whom one of their organization's admins have enabled passkey capability can restore their credentials across their devices. Their data is securely backed up and recoverable if they lose, accidentally damage, or change their smartphones.

Industries it is best suited for

As PCs can be either shared or dedicated:

  • Retail/shops
  • Financial services/banks
  • Education
  • Hotels
  • Casinos
  • Call centers
  • Law enforcement
  • Offices

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