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IDmelon Passwordless Orchestration Platform

Deploy passwordless authentication to protect your organization's data.

Download Brief

Key Benefits

  • Quick deployment,
  • Simple to use,
  • Seamless SSO integrations,
  • Cost saving,
  • Credential lifecycle management,
  • Affordable and easy to scale,
  • Automated user onboarding,
  • Role-based administrative privileges

IDmelon Passwordless Orchestration Platform

IDmelon Passwordless Orchestration Platform provides superior security for workforce authentication with FIDO2 managed security keys, helping organizations to deploy and adopt the technology fast and managed. We have made the impossible possible and combined security and convenience in one platform. IPOP offers simplicity in deployment for IT admins, as well as unmatched convenience for the workforce to use with a technology based on public key cryptography and FIDO2/WebAuthn, which is the most secure standard for phishing-resistant passwordless authentication.

IDmelon Reader Benefits

Use Your Existing Devices

Use your existing device is the most innovative feature of IPOP. It allows organizations to leverage their existing devices, such as smartphones, ID badges, access cards, or fobs, as FIDO2 security keys. This eliminates the need for hardware security keys and the need to educate the workforce to carry, use and care for a new device, and thus saves money and time.

Security Key Onboarding

Scalability is a serious issue organizations will face when deploying passwordless authentication with FIDO security keys. IPOP has solved the problem by offering a service to automate the onboarding workflow of keys. The platform provides a centralized dashboard for IT admins to manage users and their security keys. They can automate the security key assignment, delivery, activation, and the FIDO security key registration process for an account.

Managed FIDO Security Keys (Passkeys)

One of the problems with using hardware keys is no control and management of the keys delivered to users. IDmelon is the first and only company worldwide that provides managed FIDO security keys (passkeys) for enterprises in IPOP. The IT admins can:

  • define security policies for keys,
  • audit user(keys) activities,
  • manage keys' credentials,
  • recover keys.

A Single Reader, Multiple Users

Tapping with key fobs, cards, or smartphones for contactless payments or physical access is a pretty well-known experience for all users around the world. With IDmelon Reader, enjoy a similar seamless contactless experience of Tap & Login with your smartphone to access your accounts, such as Microsoft.

Fully Integrated with Azure AD for Fast Deployment


Admin automatically imports users from Azure AD into the IDmelon Credential Lifecycle Management Admin Panel.


Admin uses Panel to assign FIDO2 form factors with security policies and sends the IDmelon prefabricated onboarding email to the users.


The new users receive the email and follow a few simple steps to onboard their new or already deployed smartphones, security keys, proximity or contactless access cards / ID badges, and key fobs as FIDO2 USB security keys.

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