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IDmelon Pairing Tool Software

Pair your smartphones with your computers to enjoy a user-friendly seamless secure experience on all devices and applications.

Download Brief

Key Benefits

  • Free tool
  • for organizations and individuals
  • Lightweight

Start your passwordless journey

Turn your smartphone into a managed FIDO security key in a few clicks and for free, download the IDmelon Pairing Tool on your computer.

In a few clicks, you can enhance security and start your passwordless journey, authenticating access through your smartphone screen.

It is the ideal solution for individual computer usage, avoiding data spread and protecting users and sensitive information.

Deploy it easily, and manage users and access by IDmelon admin panel.IDmelon platform allows administrators to manage users, allowances and keys through an all-in-one dashboard, giving organizations full control of security.
Pairing Tool software can be downloaded for free on different devices, whether macOS or Windows and it is lightweight software, which keeps computers performing.


IDmelon Pairing Tool is compatible with both operational systems, macOS - 11.4 or later -, or Windows - Windows 10 and Windows 11 versions (Azure AD Joined).


No wasted time on a long installation process. In a few clicks, you can download the software, install it on a PC and pair your smartphone.

Suited for dedicated PCs

Enhance the security of computers dedicated to a single user only by allowing access to accounts on PC through the user's paired smartphone. Extra protection for data and users.

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