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IDmelon FIDO Security Key

Go passwordless with a PIN-protected USB FIDO security key

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Key Benefits

  • Available in USB-Aand USB-C,
  • Audible and visible interface,
  • Main online accounts,

Plug and use

No additional devices are required. With IDmelon security key, security is enhanced through a single USB plug, without the need for authentication using other devices or platforms.

It is ideal for workplaces in which smartphones are not allowed, avoiding unmemorable passwords and guaranteeing more protection for each user and their data.

IDmelon security key is compatible with different platforms and all the major web browsers in which WebAuthn is supported.

Seamless authentication

Forget memorizing hard and insecure passwords. Use the IDmelon security key to enhance the security of all your accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, GitHub, Azure AD, and all other online services.

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