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Badge as a Managed FIDO
Security Key

Replace username/password authentication process with employess's badge tap-and-login.

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Key Benefits

  • Considerable cost reduction,
  • Convenience that increases productivity,
  • Deployment and management made quick and easy for IT admins,
  • Security enhancement based on modern FIDO authentication standards.

Existing ID Badges as a Managed FIDO Security Key

Employee ID badges are used to enhance the security of companies. They serve as a form of instant identification for everyone inside the building. This will not only safeguard staff, but also protects any sensitive data against attacks and from unauthorized access.

With IDmelon, organizations can leverage their existing employee ID badges, which are typically used for physical access control, as a FIDO security key for logical access.

This enables employees to use a device they are already familiar with and use conveniently to access their workstations, web, and applications-securely. Also, in the meanwhile, IDmelon orchestration platform simplifies the deployment and management of passwordless with security keys for IT administrators.


Considerable Cost Reduction

With leveraging existing devices, organizations can cut costs of security enhancement significantly, avoid hidden costs, and save budget. It happens because no money will be allocated to HR for new hardware purchase and delivery as well as for user onboarding. It also eliminates the need to cover recurring and endless costs of frequent new hardware purchase to replace those that are the lost or damaged.

Convenience that Increases Productivity

Put your security in the right hands and focus of what matters the most: your job. It takes a great deal of time and energy to cope with passwords or struggle with a piece of new hardware that should annoy hackers not you. With IDmelon, the ID badge you take to work every day can also protect you and your data against attacks, with offering a smooth and great tap-and-login experience to you to enjoy.

Deployment and Management Made Quick and Easy for IT Admins

With IDmelon Passwordless Orchestration Platform (IPOP), organization's admins can deploy FIDO authentication overnight and manage users and keys as smoothly and easily as possible. Admins can enjoy automated user onboarding, create security policies that meet theier needs, audit users' activities, manage keys' credentials etc. It all takes just a few clicks.

Security Enhancement Based on Modern FIDO Authentication Standards

IDmelon delivers modern FIDO authentication. FIDO employs public key cryptography and other advanced security measures to protect against various forms of attacks, including phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks. This rapidly growing industry standard is supported by Microsoft, Google, Apple, and all leading web services and browsers.

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