Leave passwords in the past, embrace secure passkeys access

March 14, 2023
3 min read

With the improvement of technological tools and increasingly attentive and faster hackers, it is increasingly less safe to access accounts and platforms by traditional ways, since a large part of cyber-attacks happen through the direct capture of registered passwords. Therefore, the use of passkeys instead of passwords has been encouraged and, in this article, you will find out why.

The biggest problem we face when using different platforms in our daily lives is the requirement to create and memorize passwords to authenticate access to each one of them. This false security format induces us to use the same password on all platforms used, which leaves our accounts vulnerable to phishing and hacker attacks.

Passwords are pain!

No longer having to worry about losing data, entering passwords on fake websites and logging in to platforms without any security. All these problems are alleviated through the use of passkeys.

Passkey is a technology that allows you to create an account and sign in without the need to enter a password. When correctly used, it doesn't require you to memorize different passwords with different characters or use two-factor authentication, approving an action on an external platform. Through your authenticator, all you have to do is confirm your identity, usually through fingerprints or facial recognition.

Simpler and phishing-resistant login using different types of devices

How do they work?

Through an API responsible for verifying and authenticating the user's identity, public and private keys are used, mathematically connected to each other, to guarantee that the access is reputable, and that account corresponds to the correct user. Just like a puzzle, when keys connect, authentication happens. While the public key is freely accessible to the site, the private key remains confidential, ensuring its security and decrypting the information that was encrypted by the public key. This is the big difference between a passkey and a password. Unlike traditional passwords, your private key is never shared with any website or platform.

Passkeys to replace passwords.

Passkeys are the best way to quickly and securely authenticate. When implemented in organizations or enterprises, they streamline user access to the network and ensure even more data protection for employees and customers, making the organization more efficient and less vulnerable. If you want to know more about how to use passkeys in your workforce, talk to our team by clicking here, or share your doubts with us.