IDmelon offers Scalable Passwordless Solution for Enterprise

March 14, 2023
2 mins read
Last update:
May 22, 2023

The days of using passwords are over. Various types of attacks and their destructive effects on organizations brought up new authentication terms such as passwordless authentication. In addition to individuals, more and more organizations are also replacing passwords with passwordless solutions for easier use and getting rid of the password-related problems. IDmelon, as one of the pioneers in providing passwordless solutions, offers scalable passwordless solution for enterprises, with no limitation on growing number of users. It acts like a gateway for existing and future IT infrastructure of organizations and also supports many types of devices as a security key (such as smartphones, ID cards, one’s existing hardware security keys, etc.), which will help organizations extend the use of IDmelon passwordless solution.

Scalable for all industries

Scalability as the property of a system to handle a growing amount of work, is one of the most important factors in replacing a solution in large organizations to ensure coverage of their vast needs. Also, another important factor in using a solution is the simplicity of replacement. For large organizations, it is difficult to find reliable, scalable and simple alternatives that can support their needs. IDmelon offers a passwordless solution with all these attributes. A cloud-based solution (also with ability to work in on-premise mode) that is ready to use instantly and on an unlimited scale. It works like a gateway for the existing IT infrastructure of the organizations (and new ones too) which would be perfect for growing businesses of any size. It allows the organization to add many new users at any time. Organizations can use this scalable unlimited solution with no need to any new changes to infrastructure and any setup time.

IDmelon passwordless solution also meets the needs of various industries such as healthcare, finance, manufactories and retails. Different use cases, such as using shared computers, using existing devices in organizations, supporting a simple tap and login experience and providing passkeys are also provided to meet the needs of all organizations in different industries.

Diversity of security key devices

In addition to providing a scalable solution, the possibility of using different types of hardware as a security key can also help organizations to adopt IDmelon's passwordless solution easier in a larger extent. Ability to use different types of devices as a security key makes using the solution simpler on a larger scale. IDmelon supports smartphones as a security key for individuals and end users in organizations. Also, organizations can use ID cards and badges as security keys. IDmelon even allows users to use their existing hardware security keys for a passwordless experience.


IDmelon offers a scalable passwordless solution which supports multiple devices as security keys. It is a simple and unlimited solution for enterprises in all industries. Scalability, easy to use, low cost, and high security are the features of IDmelon's passwordless solution for today’s needs of enterprises.