IDmelon Authenticator

IDmelon app enables users to use their smartphones as a FIDO2 USB (external) security key on a PC. To use a smartphone as a roaming USB FIDO2 security key on a PC, users need to either pair their smartphones with PCs or buy an IDmelon Reader to experience tap-n-login. IDmelon is best fitted for both enterprises and individuals.
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How it works

To start using your smartphone as a security key, you need to either pair your smartphone with your PC or have an IDmelon Reader. Each method of use has unique benefits and can be chosen depending on user types and workplace policies.
To pair a smartphone with a PC, you need to install IDmleon Pairing Tool application on your computer, while IDmelon reader is a plug-and-play device, which allows users to have a tap-n-login experience with their smartphones. Workspaces with shared computers are great places to use the IDmelon Reader.
Works on Android and iOS
Multiple Keys on One Smartphone
Credential Management
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People asks these questions about IDmelon app frequently. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please contact our support team.
Where can I download the IDmelon Authenticator app?
You can find the IDmelon app on Google Play or App Store.
Can I use one email address to activate more than one security key?
No. Only one active security key per email address.
How many plans are available for individuals?
There are two plans available for individuals: Standard and Premium. Both plans have no limitation on number of credentials you register. But only for premium users, credentials are backed up and recoverable, allowing you to copy your credentials into your new device instantly, in case you have a new smartphone or lose the old one.
Can I use one smartphone for both individual and organizational use?
Yes, IDmelon Authenticator app allows you to have multiple security keys at the same time which includes security keys on an individual account as well as on an organizational account as an end user.
What happens if I lose my smartphone?
Nobody can use your stored credentials, because it works only with your fingerprint or face ID. If you, as an individual, have a premium account, we copy your credentials back into your new device. Also for end users, if your organization enabled the passkey option for you, you will have your credentials back as soon as you install the IDmelon Authenticator app on your new device.

Download IDmelon Authenticator

To use IDmelom Authenticator for Android and iOS, including simple strong tap-and-login with IDmelon Reader, visit Google Play and App Store