IDmelon Pairing Tool Software

IDmelon Pairing Tool is a piece of software to install on PC. It lets you pair your smartphone with PC to use it instead of entering a password to log in to accounts such as Microsoft or Twitter. A quick, affordable, convenient, and secure way to avoid account takeovers.

Laptop with QR Code on its Screen, Mobile with Menu of IDmelon Authenticator App on its Screen, and User Holding a Mobile

How it works

To start using your smartphone as a security key, take these easy steps:

  1. Download and install IDmelon Pairing Tool on PC,
  2. Install IDmelon Authenticator app from Google Play or App Store on smartphone,
  3. Run Pairing Tool and scan the QR code it shows on the PC screen with your smartphone.

Now, to access your accounts, instead of the use of passwords, you can use your smartphone as a security key. For each login, you will receive a notification on your paired smartphone to verify your identity and sign into accounts on PC. 

Compatible with Windows and macOS

Works on Windows 10 and Windows 11 (Azure AD joined) and macOS 11.4 or later.

Easy to Install

Free and lightweight. Download and run it in a few minutes with a few clicks to start your passwordless journey right away.

Well Suited for Dedicated PCs

Highly recommended to workplaces in which each PC is dedicated to a single user only.

What industries is it best suited for?

Both IDmelon Pairing Tool and IDmelon Authenticator are easy to set up and simple to use, delivering the perfect solution to a wide range of use cases, scenarios, and industries, such as education.
Your organization has unique unmet security needs, and we help you meet them. Maybe you have project time constraints, or perhaps you're looking for a solution that is easy to deploy or affordable to scale.
Whatever your security concerns and needs are, IDmelon is here to protect your business and empower your digital success.

Notification Approval on Mobile

Simple User Experience

Easy to install and use. Within a few clicks, you can replace passwords with an authentication notification on smartphone to approve and log in.

Shield with Lock on it

Strong Security

Stealing passwords is much easier than stealing what is yours or faking to be you. Plus, IDmelon is FIDO certified and based on modern authentication standards.

Cost and Time Diagrams with Descending Line

Quickest Way to Strong Security

All you need is the smartphone in your pocket. Don’t waste time and money on long and complex passwords. No need to even buy new hardware.

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Laptop with Windows Login Screen and Mobile with Login Notification from IDmelon Authenticator App

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Frequently Asked Questions

People ask these questions about IDmelon Authenticator app frequently. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please contact our support team.
Is IDmelon Pairing Tool free?
Yes, it is a free piece of software to help users pair their smartphones with their PCs to turn the phones into a security key.
How can I test the IDmelon Pairing Tool?
Download and install the suitable version of Pairing Tool for your OS. See our documentation page for how to pair your PC with your smartphone.
Does IDmelon Pairing Tool take up much space?
Not at all, it is a small piece of lightweight software which only creates a connection between your PC and your smartphone to transfer authentication related data.
Where can I find the latest version of IDmelon Pairing Tool?
The latest stable version is always available at our Downloads page.
How frequently is the new version of Pairing Tool available?
It is completely stable. You almost don't need the new versions for main functionality, but the new versions sometimes may have new capabilities added which we will inform our customers about.
Does Pairing Tool have multiple different versions available for administrators?
No, the abilities that may be needed by administrators are all in the same Pairing Tool version available for all users.