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Smartphone as a Managed FIDO Security Key

The safest shortcut to go beyond passwordless authentication.

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Key Benefits

  • Supports Android and iOS,
  • Passkey support,
  • Multiple security keys,
  • Tap-and-login with Reader,
  • Bluetooth proximity check,
  • Biometric user verification, PIN, and pattern,
  • Encrypted credential storage.

FIDO Security Key Management is Made Possible.

Protecting your entire organization does not have to be a pain. You do not have to compromise on the level of security so as to provide your workforce with a better user-experience as well as save budget. Why not having them both at the same time?

With IDmelon passkey orchestration platform, organizations can avoid the traditional security-versus-convenience trade-offs. IDmelon orchestration platform is a win-win for everyone. It simplifies everything from deployment, security policy creation, and user/key management for IT administrators to onboarding and authentication experience for users.

Benefits of Using Smartphones as a Managed FIDO Security Key in Organizations:

Cost Reduction

Allowing the use of a device, i.e. smartphones, which users already have results in cutting endless, recurring costs of HR for new hardware purchase, storage, delivery, and replacement when lost or damaged. Staff can also use secure biometric authentication methods available on smartphones and have a similar, but affordable, experience that one can have with biometric security keys.

Time Saving

With staff using their current smartphones as well as automated user onboarding, overnight managed passwordless authentication deployment is made possible.

Great User Experience

Smartphones are ubiquitous and rarely out of sight. Today, people are using them everywhere for almost everything, such as online shopping, financial transactions, and mobile access control. And now with IDmelon, users can easily and securely use them to log in to their accounts as well and prevent account takeovers.
To verify your identity, all required to do is to approve a login notification on smartphone screen to sign in to accounts and applications within a few seconds.

High Security

Passwords are a weak for of authentication, and SMS-based authentication is phishable, while IDmelon Authenticator allowing the use of Android and iOS smartphones as a security key is FIDO certified. FIDO (Fast IDentity Online), which is secure and reliable, employs public key cryptography and other advanced security measures to protect against various forms of cyber attacks, including phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks.

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