Use Your Existing Device

Go costless by using devices you already have as a managed FIDO2 security key.


Save money by using devices you or your organization already own.


Going passwordless is the most secure way to sign in to accounts, online services, and applications.


Manage users and access through our Admin Panel.


Get a fast and efficient login process using tap & login.



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Key Fobs

Frequently asked questions

Things you may be wondering to know.
How can I test one of my existing devices (smartphone or badge) as a security key?
Just create an account, either business account to test any type of devices or an individual account to only test your smartphone as a security key.
Is there a free testing plan?
Yes, there is. As as individual, you can install the IDmelon Authenticator mobile app from Store to see how you can use your smartphone as a FIDO security key. The Basic plan allows you to have one credential for free without any time limit.
As an organization's admin, you can create an account with five users for free to manage users' devices as a security key.
What type of devices can be used as a security key?
You can turn your smartphone, badge or ID card, key fobs, and any type of hardware security keys into a FIDO2 security key.
Can I have multiple types of devices as a security key at the same time?
Yes, there is no limitation on using multiple devices from different types at the same time.
Can organizations manage users' existing devices as a security key?
The answer is yes, the organization has complete control over the devices that accept their invitations to join the system as a security key.

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