Security Key Onboarding & Management

IDmelon management panel is where protecting workforce against phishing and other credential-based threats begins, helping organizations of all sizes to deploy and adopt passwordless at scale and adapt to their changing needs with no hidden costs and surprises.. You sign up for an admin account on behalf of your organization, onboard users, and manage FIDO security key.

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Easy Enrolment

IDmelon passwordless orchestration platform cuts the costs of IT support for password reset and simplifies security deployment and management for IT admins. It takes IT admins only a few clicks to grant access to users and have complete control over what data users should have access to.

Import Users

Admins can automatically import users and groups from Azure AD or a CSV file into the IDmelon Credential Lifecycle Management Admin Panel.

Assign Keys to Users

Admins use Panel to assign FIDO2 form factors by a simple process to onboard users' new or already deployed smartphones, contactless cards / ID badges, and key fobs as a FIDO2 USB security key.

Create Security Key Policies

IT admins can also create security policies for security keys such as time or location restrictions.

Quick Deployment

As organizations leverage their existing devices and don’t need to make any changes to their existing infrastructure, they can implement passwordless overnight without dealing with challenges of physical key deployment.

Easy to Scale

Our solution simplifies overall organizational passwordless transition journey, allowing you to scale as you grow and adapt to your changing needs and support all your different use cases and scenarios.

Time & Money Saving

The possibility of using existing devices and offering security key as a service enables organizations of all sizes to deploy quickly and affordably without dealing with hardware key deployment challenges.

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Automated Onboarding

In some industries, esp. manufacturing, it may be difficult for workforce to perform basic tasks regarding security key registration. IDmelon Admin Panel helps administrators do basic onboarding activities simply and quickly on behalf of their users. It presents an automated process for admins to add users, assign security keys, create security policies, and even register credentials on their behalves (OBR) with user provisioning. The only thing left for users to start a passwordless digital life is to receive their security keys via email.

Security Policies

To meet organizations' needs, admins can set authentication policies to limit access of different user groups. It gives organizations full control over their users’ access by creating and applying new policies to users’ security keys. The security key policies can limit users’ access based on multiple conditions such as time period, IP address, type of security key (smartphone, contactless card etc.), PC that login request is coming from, RP (relying parties) that user is trying to reach, and location that a user is trying to log in from.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know to get started.
Can I sign up for a free trial to get started with IDmelon Passwordless Orchestration Platform?
Yes, you can create your workspace and start with five users for free- with no time limitation. No credit card or payment details required.
Can I change my plan later?
Of course. You can use our pay-as-you-go mode or contact us for a prepaid contract.
Is it possible to connect IDmelon Admin Panel to Microsoft Azure AD or other Microsoft products or services?
Yes, our solution is completely compatible with Microsoft related products.
How many applications can be integrated into IDmelon administration panel?
At the moment, we have a list of a dozen applications to connect to our Admin Panel. We are still working to grow the list.