Passwordless vs Passwordless

March 14, 2023
3 min read
Last update:
May 27, 2023

They may look completely similar, but they are far to be the same. Although the common passwordless solutions in the market have eliminated the direct use of passwords, to identify the user in the process of authentication, they still rely on the user ID or username. But there are also passwordless solutions like IDmelon which removed even the need for a user ID or name. Let’s describe both types of solutions to see which one is a better fit for today’s needs.

Prevalent Passwordless Solutions

Common passwordless solutions, verify users in authentication process without using password as a knowledge-based factor. They replace password with other factors (what users have or who users are). Passwordless solutions also can be single or multi-factor(passwordless MFA). In the second methods, to reach a higher level of security, users must provide more than one factor.

Passwordless solutions work based on public key cryptography which itself is based on a pair of private and public key. When creating an account, a tool such as a mobile app, generates a key pair and stores the private key on the user’s local device. In a log in process, the stored private key will only be accessible by an authentication factor which can be a fingerprint or a face ID. Also, the authentication system will pass the public key to the system on which the user trying to create an account.

IDmelon Passwordless

There is another type of passwordless solutions called “IDmelon”. Not only it does not require a password, it does not even require username or ID for login. The IDmelon passwordless solutions is based on FIDO standard and presents security key as a service. It supports different types of devices as a security key such as smartphone, contactless card, key fob, or any BYOD device that can work as a security key.

As soon as register a device as a key, the user will no longer need to present his ID or username. The login process will directly ask smartphone users to approve notification on the mobile app and provide fingerprint or face ID and also for contactless card users, it only asks to tap the card on the reader, no need to user ID or name anymore.


Despite the similarities between the two described models of passwordless solutions, it is clear that solutions based on the FIDO and with no need of username are rapidly growing. The Passkey by Google can be a proof for the future of this type of solutions.

If you are looking for the simplest solution of this type today for your daily and personal use, and also if you are looking for an efficient solution for your organization to minimize authentication problems, IDmelon's passwordless and username-less solution can be the answer to your needs. Ease of use, lower cost, full control of user authentication, and most importantly, high security, are the features of IDmelon's solution.