Passkeys for Enterprises

Passkeys are a replacement for passwords that make logins faster, easier, and safer. Unlike passwords, passkeys are always secure, phishing-resistant, and designed to ensure that private keys are never shared.
Passkeys replace passwords with desirable authentication methods, such as biometrics on smartphones, to simplify account registration for apps and websites, and to make access to accounts easier and faster, while working across all of a user’s device, and even other devices within physical proximity.

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Why Passkeys?

To put an end to password problems.
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Optimized User Experience

There is no need to buy and then learn how to use a new piece of hardware. The user experience is familiar and consistent across user’s devices; an easy verification of their face or fingerprint, or a device PIN or pattern, which is the same simple action that users take many times every day to unlock their devices.
This makes logins faster and helps users stay focused on their jobs and increase their productivity.

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Security Key Backup and Recovery

When a user creates a passkey on any of their devices, it can get synced to all the user’s other devices which are also tied to the same user on IDmelon passwordless orchestration platform. So passkeys created on one device become available on all devices. If the user buys a new device or loses the old one, the user’s passkeys can be recovered and available for sign-in on the new device. Syncing of passkeys is end-to-end encrypted.

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Phishing-resistant Security

Passkeys are based on FIDO Authentication, which is a global authentication standard based on public key cryptography and proven to be resistant to threats of phishing, credential theft, man-in-the-middle, and other credential-related or remote attacks.

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FIDO Security Key Management & Scalability

With IDmelon, organizations can deploy FIDO sign-ins with passkeys across different use cases and scenarios. Passkeys allow users to access their FIDO sign-in credentials on many of their devices, even new ones, without the need to re-register every device on every account.

Passkeys in Action

A demonstration of passkey creation across platforms.

Register a passkey

A demonstration of sign-in with a passkey across platforms.

Register a passkey

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Frequently Asked Questions

People ask these questions about IDmelon Authenticator app frequently. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please contact our support team.
How can I test passkeys?
Create a free account in IDmelon Administration Panel or go for Premium subscription in IDmelon Authenticator app.
What important advantages do passkeys bring to enterprises?
Control over user's security keys and recovering their credentials whenever required.
Is there any difference between Apple passkeys and IDmelon passkeys?
The answer is no, actually the passkeys don't belong to any company. It is a new method of handling security keys for users which can be implemented by IDmelon, Apple or any other company.
Is it possible to move from IDmelon passkeys to Apple passkeys (maybe in the future)?
How does billing work?
IDmelon supports pay-as-you-go method for enterprises. For individuals, only yearly subscription is available, so if you want to use passkeys, you need to purchase the Premium Plan.