Shared Computers

Safeguard your deskless employees and shift workers, improve their productivity by lifting password burden, and save your company budget.

Share your PCs

Our solution for using PCs in shared environments, help you to safely and simply share your resources between multiple employees. It is a complete automated procedure which let you and your employees experience a faster and more secure login.

Cost Savings

Allowing employees to bring their existing devices eliminates the need for costly hardware security keys that require purchasing, inventory management, shipping, and replacement. Overnight implementation cuts costs of user onboarding. ​Ease of user management leads to lower system maintenance costs​.

Employee Productivity

It reduces the time and effort required to manage passwords. With traditional passwords, employees may have to memorize complex passwords, frequently reset them, and often forget them, resulting in wasted time and frustration.

Security Enhancement

FIDO authentication provides a secure and convenient way for organizations to authenticate their workforce, reducing the risk of security breaches and improving the user experience.

Employee Convenience

All the problems and burdens of using passwords will disappear and employees will simply log into any application with only a single tap of their smartphone or badge.


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Is there any limitation for number of users when using the shared computer solution?
How it will be cheaper for organizations?
It only needs one reader. Also, since it uses badge IDs or contactless cards as a security key, you don't need to buy new hardware.
Is it really safe and secure?
The answer is yes, because it has been implemented based on FIDO, which is adopted worldwide for passwordless authentication systems.
Does it work without internet?
Yes, you can use your card or badge to login in offline mode.
Is the onboarding procedure completely automatic?
Yes, using our administration panel, you can onboard your employees completely automatic. They don't need to do anything, only tap to login.