Passkeys for enterprises

Passkeys, not only removes burden of passwords, it even removes burden of managing security keys.
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Managed FIDO security keys

You may not have enough control over hardware security keys, but you will have a complete control over Passkeys.

Security key policies

Set access policies on security keys based on you organizational needs.

Backup and Recovery for security keys

With passkeys, you can backup users' security keys and recover them when needed.

Audit security key activities

You can audit users' activities for all of their security keys.
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Frequently asked questions

Questions about passkeys that has been asked from us frequently, which may be your questions too.
How can I test passkeys?
Create a free account in IDmelon administration panel or go for premium subscription in IDmelon app.
What is most important advantage that passkeys brings for enterprises?
Control over user's security keys and recovering their credentials whenever required.
Is there any difference between Apple passkeys and IDmelon passkeys?
The answer is no, actually the passkeys doesn't belong to any company, it is a new method of handling security keys for users which can be implemented by IDmelon, Apple or any other company.
Is it possible moving from IDmelon passkeys to Apple passkeys (maybe in the future)?
How does billing work?
The IDmelon supports pay as you go method for enterprises. For individuals, only yearly subscription is available which if you want to use passkeys, you need the premium plan.

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