Visit IDmelon’s FIDO-certified Solution

IDmelon Technologies Inc. is thrilled to announce that IDmelon has joined FIDO Alliance (Fast IDentity Online), which is a non-profit open industry association launched in February 2013 whose mission is to develop and promote authentication standards at the client and protocol layers that “help reduce the world’s over-reliance on passwords.” 

Long before IDmelon becomes an official member of the Alliance, IDmelon products were FIDO certified. And now following its entry into the Alliance, which is rapidly growing and is supported by Microsoft, Google, Apple, and all the leading security service providers in the industry, IDmelon will remain committed to collaborating with FIDO Alliance and cybersecurity industry leaders to offer the world advanced security solutions that are tailored exactly to their needs. 

“The key to being successful for FIDO is being readily available—we need to be as ubiquitous as passwords,” says Andrew Shikiar, executive director of the FIDO Alliance. “Passwords are part of the DNA of the web itself, and we’re trying supplant that. Not using a password should be easier than using a password.” IDmelon will actively use FIDO standards across its innovative products and solutions and continue to work on optimizing user experiences and enhancing authentication security to secure the world for everyone any time anywhere! 

To visit our showcase that is live on the FIDO Alliance website, please click here.