Key Fob as a FIDO Security Key

Organizations' key fobs can be turned into managed FIDO2 security keys for a fast and efficient login.


Sign in using devices you already own.


A quick tap and PIN insert, and you're done. Simple and secure.


Manage users and their access to keep private data secure.


Frequent questions about key fobs which may be your questions, too. If you have different questions, contact our support team.
Is there a free trial available to test key fobs as security keys?
Yes, you can create a workspace and add key fobs for testing.
Is this solution compatible with any types of fobs?
As much as we know, the answer is yes.
Do organizations have complete control over key fobs when used as security keys?
Yes, organizations will have a complete control over the provided key fobs.
Can key fobs be used among other security key devices?
Yes, it is possible to use multiple types of security key devices at the same time.